The Importance of Using a Soft-Bristled Tooth Brush

           Not all brushes are the same. Most people go to the store and think that every brush is the same, but the reality is that only brushes that are listed as having soft bristles should  be used as a part of the patient’s oral hygiene routine. The only thing medium and hard bristled tooth brushes should be used for is scrubbing the floor, and definitely not used on the teeth.

           You may be wondering why this may be. The reason only soft toothbrushes should be used is that the medium and hard bristled toothbrushes can damage the gingiva and gums, which can lead to recession and loss of gum tissue. This will leave the patient with extreme sensitivity because the area above the margin of the tooth is now exposed, and that is now another surface where a cavity can form. Learning proper brushing technique and using a soft-bristled toothbrush is a way to prevent these problems from occurring. Remember to place the toothbrush half on the tooth and half on the gum and to not apply too much pressure.


Brush with small circles do not forget to floss; it is more important than brushing!

One product I recommend that has just hit the market is “the Nano Toothbrush” it contains over ten thousand bristles, and it is very soft, so you will not have to worry about gum recession.


Proper Brushing Technique 

You would be surprised how many people have never learned how to properly brush, and oral hygeine instruction is lacking. We recommend the three 3:3:3: technique. You start with the three teeth all the way towars the back on the cheek surface and place the toothbrush half on the tooth and half on the gums. After brushing gently with small circles for three seconds, you do the same thing on those three teeth on the chewing surface. After that you do the lingual surface or the surface facing your tongue for three seconds. Continue this routine throughout the entire mouth. This is especially helpful for patients who have sensitivity because brushing hard in one are for a longer period of time can make sensitive areas flare up, which is what we are trying to prevent. 

      If you notice an area where the gum has receded, you can use the bristled of the toothbrush to gently massage the tissue down, and with time, it is possible the recession could decrease. 

Below is a link to a recommended toothbrush that we highly recommend: