The Fear You Didn’t Know You Had…

Isn’t it something how people are deathly afraid of going to the dentist?  It doesn’t matter why they are going…they are paralyzed in fear!

So why is that? Childhood memories? The trauma of being injected and worked on while awake?  OR…the cost of the treatment plan!!!

All joking aside, the anxiety associated with going to the dentist is very real and needs attention.

Be YOUR Own Advocate!

The good news is that dentistry has come a long way since that sour-tasting, thick yellow fluoride paste and the 100 gauge needles that “feel only like a small pinch”. Today dentists have a variety of micro-tools, oral gels, prescription medications, and procedures that can make coming to the dentist a painless and non-threatening experience.

Like anything else, finding the right fit is the most important thing in putting you at ease. When you do find a dentist be honest and express your fears.  Let the dentist know what concerns you and why. Remember, dentistry continues to change and the things you have feared in the past may have new solutions!

Whether it is pain or anxiety management, dentist have a variety of tools and medications that will help you overcome your fears and get the level of care and comfort that you deserve.

At MyDental you’ll always receive a comforting welcome, relaxing environment and the best care that you can trust. Call us now and get the service you deserve!

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