Cementing dental bridge at MyDental.

The dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic that is designed to replace missing teeth.
They serve both functional and esthetic purposes by replacing your ability to eat and speak better and allowing you to smile again.

A bridge is a great alternative for partial dentures.

The bridge can be supported by natural teeth or by implants.

Can I Get a Bridge?

You dentist will determine during the initial examination if you are a good candidate.

Some factors are:

The Key To Longevity

Just as with your natural teeth, it’s essential to brush and floss your bridge twice a day. Oral hygiene is important to keep your remaining teeth strong and healthy and also so you bridge can last more.

Your dentist will demonstrate how to take care, properly floss and clean around the new bridge.

Don’t forget to see your dentist regularly for your regular cleanings and exams.


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