Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures that general dentists do nowadays. It
does not take a long time to remove the decay and replace it with composite,
resin material. A bonding agent is applied that makes the tooth combine with
the material, and it is almost as strong as the tooth itself. Fillings can last
a very long time if cared for properly, but it is still possible that the
filling could fall out under the wrongs conditions, such as chewing on hard
candy or not brushing properly, which would cause decay to surround the filling
and loosen it.

If you are having pain in any of your teeth or think a filling is loose, you should contact your
dentist right away. If you do not get the tooth evaluated right away, the decay
can spread and increase the likelihood that the tooth would not be able to be
saved or that a root canal would be needed. Composite colored fillings are
still fairly new, so some brands and materials may be stronger than other
materials, so the dental community is still learning about color matching

A common misconception is that silver, mercury based fillings should be replaced because
of health concerns, but there has been no data that supports the claims that
silver fillings are dangerous. The only reason a silver filling should be
replaced is for aesthetic purposes or if the integrity of the tooth structure is
at risk. Sometimes, when a silver filling is replaced, a crown may be the only
solution to the current issue. It is important to talk all these things over
with your dental specialist.

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