Before you commit to braces, make sure you are ready! Below are some tips to keep in mind during your braces journey.

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Braces are a commitment that need to be taken seriously. Talk to your dentist about what to expect. Once the brackets are on, what you do next will determine your results at the end.

2. Be Aware You May Feel Discomfort

Occasional discomfort is to be expected because your teeth are shifting. As you adjust to your braces, you can use precautionary items such as wax or numbing gel. Keeping these items on had will provide you quick relief when needed.

On the left is an example of dental wax. The wax can be placed over the brackets and wires to ease discomfort. This material can be purchased at any convenience store.

3. Your Diet Will Change

You will become limited on what you can eat. Foods such has popcorn and chewy candy can become lodged under the wire and brackets. Additionally, chewing on hard substances like apples and ice can break your bracket!

4. A Relapse Is Inevitable

Humans are humans. Sometimes you will procrastinate or just simple forget to take care of your braces. However, your smile depends on your cooperation throughout realignment treatment. The more you listen the more progress you will make.

Our patient after six months of braces treatment. Please note, this patient is continuing treatment. This is NOT the end result.

5. Oral Hygiene Is A Must

You have to stay on top of your oral hygiene. Food is easily trapped in your mouth when you have braces. It’s important to correctly brush and floss between each tooth to prevent bacteria growth.

Remember It’s Worth It!

Our patient after braces!

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