Patients often wonder why they need to go to their dentist’s office twice a year. Often, dentists hear the phrase: “Isn’t just once a year fine?” The truth of the matter is that biannual appointments are needed to remove any tartar or calculus that has accumulated over the last six months. You could be the best flosser and an impeccable brusher, but this alone will not preclude you from needing a cleaning.

If you were to decide to skip cleaning appointments, you are putting yourself at risk for future problems. For example, there may be a small cavity present, but if you don’t come in problems can go unnoticed. This quick fix could easily turn into needing a crown or worse. This is why may offices contact you and remind you if a check has been missed.

MyDental acknowledges many patients have dental-related anxiety – which is a common feeling. Our mission is to help alleviate anxiety and create a welcoming space where patients don’t shy away from coming back.

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