Yes… You Need To Wear Your Retainer After Braces!

teeth grinding

What Is an Essix Retainer? Retainers are dental aftercare products typically worn after braces or tooth alignment treatments. They are custom made to the patient so the appliance fits their bite perfectly. Materials such as plastic or acrylic are used to give your retainer a translucent barely there appearance. Why you should Wear Your Retainer? […]

Tooth Loss – think again: the truth about grinding

teeth grinding

Many of us grind our teeth without even realizing it until it is too late. By this time patients have severe wear and tear on their teeth. An example of long-term effects of grinding is presented below from one of our patients. You can see that the teeth have turned into small stumps giving an […]

It’s all about the presentation! Naturally brightening your smile…

brighten your smile

Oral hygiene and the appearance of our teeth leaves a lasting impression. So doing everything possible to improve our oral health is critical to creating a favorable impression! Fortunately, nature has provided us with solutions to keep the enamel of our teeth healthy and stain-free. You are what you eat! Starbuck’s is NOT your friend… […]

Do you need a crown after root canal?

root canal and crown

Many patients wonder why a crown is necessary after getting a root canal. Why can’t dentists just put a filling in? It’s so much cheaper… What is a root canal procedure and why is it needed? When a cavity in a tooth is left untreated, it enlarges and eventually reaches a nerve inside. The nerve […]

Is flossing more important than brushing?

                Flossing vs. Brushing Before we address the topic at hand, let us first comment on the differences between brushing and flossing in terms of what they do. Brushing takes away the plaque from the surfaces of your teeth that you can see, which only the front is and back of the teeth, but if […]

Reasons Dental Checkups are Needed Twice a Year

 Patients always wonder why they need to get a deep cleaning at their dentist’s office twice a year. Often, dentists hear the phrase: “isn’t just once a year fine?” The truth of the matter is that six months appointments are needed to remove any tartar or calculus that has accumulated over the last six months. […]

¿Tienes miedo de venir al dentista? Formas de superar la ansiedad dental.

Many people either are scared to come to the dentist because they felt traumatized as a child when going to a dentist or had a bad experience with a prior dentist. The anxiety associated with coming to the dentist is very real, and it is nothing to belittle. The good news is that dentistry has […]

Time to “brush up” on your tooth brush knowledge

hard vs soft tooth brush

Selecting a toothbrush at the oral care aisle at the drugstore might seem as an impossible task. So many options… 😕 What kind should you get? Are they all the same? The reality is not all brushes are created equal. Only brushes that are listed as having soft or extra soft bristles should be used […]

La verdad sobre los productos para blanquear los dientes que ves en línea.

¿Por qué el blanqueamiento dental profesional es tu mejor opción? Las opciones en línea son baratas, pero como con la mayoría de las cosas en la vida, obtienes lo que pagas. Es importante recordar que solo el blanqueador dental BLANQUEARÁ sus dientes. Sin embargo, comprar productos de lejía baratos en sitios no profesionales en línea podría provocar daños gastrointestinales y quemaduras en […]

¿Por qué mi dentista me obliga a firmar todo este papeleo?

Steps of tx

Los pacientes y los profesionales dentales a veces pueden tener diferentes expectativas en cuanto al resultado del tratamiento. Un paso clave es asegurarse de que el paciente tenga resultados realistas con respecto al tratamiento mediante una conversación abierta y honesta. ¿Por qué debo firmar un consentimiento o plan de tratamiento? Por lo general, después de su visita inicial, si necesita […]