ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a professional service that administers a hydrogen peroxide based gel onto the surface of your teeth. The gel is activated with a light to penetrate and remove staining.

The period following immediately after your appointment, is the most crucial. The reason being is your teeth are highly sensitive and prone to discoloration since staining was recently extracted out.

The number one question about ZOOM teeth whitening is, what can I eat after treatment? A good saying to keep in mind is if it will stain your clothes, then it will stain your teeth.

The following Are Examples Of Foods and Drinks To AVOID:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Highly seasoned foods with spices such as turmeric
  • Pigmented food such has Oreos and Goldfish
  • Cola beverages
  • Colored lipstick (or other lip products)
  • Candies such as chocolate, caramel, and artificially dyed treats

Additionally, it is highly recommended to refrain from smoking because just like the colored food and drinks- your teeth will absorb the smoke discoloration. It’s best stay on a white colored (clear) diet. This means only consuming foods that will not dye your teeth.

The Following Are Examples Of Food and Drinks That Are ACCEPTABLE:

  • Bananas
  • Plain or vanilla flavored yogurt
  • White colored sauces like alfredo for pasta and ranch for salads
  • Plain or white milk
  • White protein including chicken, turkey, certain fish, and tofu

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