There are different types of teeth cleaning procedures, and the type your dentist is likely to utilize relies heavily upon your specific oral care needs. For example, someone who hasn’t been to the dentist might require a deeper cleaning versus someone who goes to biannual hygiene appointments.

Prophylaxis Cleaning

A Prophylaxis cleaning procedure is used on individuals with an overall healthy mouth. It is only recommended for those who visit the dentist regularly and practice exceptional oral hygiene. Patients with no gum disease get a prophylaxis cleaning twice a year to maintain good gums.

Prophylaxis polishing

Scaling Cleaning

Scaling is considered a “deeper” cleaning. This cleaning is for patients with gingivitis and periodontitis. Not only does this cleaning remove bacteria, but also helps to reduce gum inflammation.

Your dentist or hygienist use special instruments to go below the gum line. Scaling allows plaque and tartar to be removed from the pocket where your gum and tooth connect. The pocket region is most likely where patients experience bleeding, redness, and inflammation.

If gum disease is more advanced, scaling turns in SRP. SRP is known as scaling and root planning. The goal is to remove hefty amounts of debris on the roots of your tooth so the gums calm down. This cleaning requires a lot of work therefore the price tends to be more expensive.

Scaling (below the gum line)

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance cleanings are intended to individuals that have gum disease, specifically periodontitis. Periodontal maintenance cleanings are specially designed to slow the progression of gum disease. Periodontal maintenance is often scheduled more frequently (usually every three months) than normal preventative cleanings and performed after the scaling as maintenance.

Debridement Cleanings

Debridement cleanings are heavy duty teeth cleanings. Cases requiring dental debridement are characterized by excessive amounts of plaque and tartar that have accumulated in layers between the teeth and in the gums.

Debridement cleaning

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