What Is an Essix Retainer?

Retainers are dental aftercare products typically worn after braces or tooth alignment treatments. They are custom made to the patient so the appliance fits their bite perfectly. Materials such as plastic or acrylic are used to give your retainer a translucent barely there appearance.

Why you should Wear Your Retainer?

The alignment of your teeth never stops shifting even after braces. The retainer keeps your teeth in place, which keeps results long lasting. Your smile is protected throughout the day and you are easily able to remove the retainer to eat and go to bed.

Orthodontic Relapse:

It is extremely important that you follow post braces instructions. Without wearing your retainer, the teeth will resort back to their previous state. Once you teeth have shifted, you may need to make new retainers that cater to your new bite or even worse… start realignment treatment all over again!

Retainer Aftercare: The MOST Important Part!

  • Protect your retainer by placing it back in the hard case.
    • Pro tip: Label your case with your name and contact information just in case you lose it!
  • Rinse your retainer and carefully cleanse it using a toothbrush for efficient oral hygiene.
  • Remember to replace your retainer has time goes on.
  • Stay away from heat! The plastic shrinks under high heat causing the shape to misalign with your teeth.
  • Often, people misplace their case so keep track of your retainer. If you lose your retainer, a new one will have to be made by contacting your dentist.

If you or anyone you know needs orthodontic care or a retainer replacement, be sure to ask Dr. Shurova at your next appointment. Call to schedule today!


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