Oral hygiene and the appearance of our teeth leaves a lasting impression. So doing everything possible to improve our oral health is critical to creating a favorable impression! Fortunately, nature has provided us with solutions to keep the enamel of our teeth healthy and stain-free.

You are what you eat! Starbuck’s is NOT your friend…

There are specific foods and drinks that are known to stain the teeth. Specifically dark berries, wine and the biggest culprit of all COFFEE! The three stain teeth quickly due to their natural pigments and in the case of wine and coffee, liquid staining between the teeth creates an illusion of darker shading to the tooth compared to surrounding teeth. I don’t think the largest coffee chains, nor the vineyards have addressed straw-friendly drinks, but it would be nice if they gave a $25 gift certificate towards your next cleaning after the tenth latte or wine tasting social!

Beware the blueberries! Who doesn’t love the all-you-can-eat blueberries as you pick them right off the bush when farms open their fields to the public! Just keep in mind that these tasty and VERY healthy little guys have strong natural coloring that will stain teeth fast. Even when added to beverages, dark berries can cause stains.

Brighten your teeth naturally

Now that you know what causes stains let’s explore which foods naturally BRIGHTEN teeth!
Did you know that strawberries, apples and oranges have been proven to help fight stains?!
These fruits have natural acids and solvents that scrub teeth or increase saliva production that help clean teeth. Additionally, rinsing with water and applying baking soda to teeth has proven to be an effective in preventing stains. SO eat, drink and be merry! Just don’t forget to rinse, brush and floss after consuming these foods and drinks!

Seek professional help if you are looking for a dramatic improvement!

Your dentist can offer multiple advanced solutions to brighten your smile.

The simplest one is tooth whitening.

Zoom your way to white teeth.


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