It is a known fact that one of the first things people see when you look at them is your smile, and that smile can help you more than you think. Some studies suggest that your smile is indicative of how successful you will be in your professional career; if people see a healthy smile first, the other positive thoughts your interviewee or boss may have about you will most likely be positive. Aside from orthodontic work and restorative procedures, there is one thing you can do that you will see an instant change and will bring you more confidence.

Now there are many products out there that promise to whiten your teeth by up to ten shades, but even dental products from big companies can be misleading in the way they represent their data from various studies. There are many different ways you can whiten your teeth: (1) toothpaste; (2) bring-home whitening gel; and (3) in-office whitening treatment. All three of these whitening methods have been shown to increase the shade of your teeth. This makes you wonder: which whitening method is right for you?

In this case, it all comes down to timing. How fast do you want to achieve the results you are looking for, and how white do you want your teeth to get? The fastest way to get your teeth whitened is through the in-office, whitening method. A very strong gel is placed on your teeth, and a barrier is used to protect your gums. A light is shined on the gel to activate and expedite the process. You will see a noticeable difference after just thirty minutes that is comparable to at-home whitening for an two weeks. This is best for individuals that need to get their teeth whitened last minute, for example a last minute weddings.

The second method is by purchasing a bring-home whitening kit where you place a tray in warm water and let is match your occlusion and margins. You would apply a lower percentage gel on the trays and whiten once a day. This will also bring about good results, but it is not as fast, and there is no barrier that is applied, so this is not the best option for people with sensitive gums. The same is also true of whitening toothpaste. If you have sensitive gums, you should stick with toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, such as Sensodyne. In the end, it all comes down to timing and what result the patient is looking for. 

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