Have you discovered the benefits of the Proxabrush yet? They are incredibly useful for cleaning the spaces between your teeth and sometimes easier to use than floss.

Proxabrush in use

What is a Proxabrush?

The Proxabrush is one of the most effective inter-dental cleaners that are available for home use. The brush heads that are a mix of tooth picks and a mascara brush are replaceable. These brush heads are great for reaching areas were regular toothbrushes can’t reach and for some people they are more comfortable than floss.

Who can use a Proxabrush?

All patients can benefit from the Proxabrush unless they have gum disease or damaged gums. In this case is best if you check with your dentist first. Some people that have less space between their teeth may prefer floss instead. The Proxabrush is especially convenient for patients that have braces since it can reach food stuck in the nooks and brackets of the braces.

Proxabrush with braces

The Proxabrush brush heads last for about two weeks. You can easily purchase a supply of replacement brushes to last you for months to even a year at a time.

Proxabrush heads

What are the benefits of using a Proxabrush?

The Proxabrush is a super useful tool and is essential for dental health. It should be used along with your regular toothbrush and floss. Regular use can help keep your teeth rid of plaque and bacteria, preventing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

For questions on using a Proxabrush or any other dental-related questions, be sure to ask Dr. Shurova at your next appointment. Call to schedule today!


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