Roughly, 64% of Americans drink coffee and on average 3.1 cups of coffee are consumed in one day. Despite these satisfying sips of caffeine, coffee can and will cause adverse effects if you are not careful.

Acidity is measured on a PH scale where 7.0 is considered to be neutral. If below 7.0 that measures more acidic and above 7.0 is considered more alkaline. The average acidity for standard black coffee is measured at a 5. This demonstrates how detrimental long term use of coffee can be.

Can Coffee Cause Decay?

YES! Be aware if you have a sweet tooth. Excess sugar in your coffee has the potential to cause damage. Without proper hygiene, the sugar breaks down in your mouth leading to cavities and decay. Once the bacteria grows and eats away at your enamel, there is no replacing what is lost. Restorative treatment will be necessary to treat any cavities.

How Does Coffee Stain?

Enamel, which is the hard outer layer of your teeth, is actually porous. Tannins are the antioxidants found in coffee. When this organic compound touches your enamel, it seeps into the pores. If you are consistently drinking coffee, your teeth will gradually yellow.

How Do I Remove Stains?

Have Good Hygiene: Brushing twice a day and flossing daily reduces plaque buildup and stains from lingering on your teeth for extended periods.

Bi-annual Dentist Visits: Many people have difficulty removing stains at home. Luckily, the cleaning you get twice a year can eliminate exterior staining. The dental hygienist -or in some cases the dentist- use special hand pieces specific for cleaning and polishing the surface of your teeth.

Professional Tooth Whitening: For severe yellowing or discoloration, regular at-home whitening treatments might not be as effective. Professional teeth whitening uses a whitening solution, typically hydrogen peroxide based, and some type of light to activate the whitening process. This is a great option for people concerned about the color of their smile and want fast results.

Other Tips:

You do not have to stop drinking coffee all together but there are some useful tips to enjoy your brew with limited effects!

Drinking with a straw allows the coffee to be swallowed easily while simultaneously cutting off contact with your teeth.

Additionally, a quick rinse or brush after finishing your coffee will eliminate residue for the time being. This way you are able to stop build up from accumulating before you properly brush at home.

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