Patients always wonder why they need to get a deep cleaning at their dentist’s office twice a year. Often, dentists hear the phrase: “isn’t just once a year fine?” The truth of the matter is that six months appointments are needed to remove any tartar or calculus that has accumulated over the last six months. You could be the best flosser and an impeccable brusher, but this alone will not preclude you from needing a cleaning.

If you were to decide to skip cleaning appointments, you are putting yourself at risk for future problems. For example, there may be a super small cavity that may need a small filling that takes ten minutes, but if you allow the plaque and calculus to accumulate, this can easily turn into you needing a crown, and unfortunately, it could even result in having to have the tooth pulled. This is why may offices contact you and remind you multiple times if you have missed a cleaning/checkup.

Why put yourself at risk for something that could be easily prevented. I know there are many patients that have dental-related anxiety. I understand your concern, and this is a very common thing to experience. There are things that can help alleviate this dental anxiety, and my previous blog entry was about conquering this issue.

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