The Do’s and Don’ts Of The White Diet

ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a professional service that administers a hydrogen peroxide based gel onto the surface of your teeth. The gel is activated with a light to penetrate and remove staining. The period following immediately after your appointment, is the most crucial. The reason being is your teeth are highly sensitive and prone to […]

How To Overcome Negative Effects Of Coffee

Roughly, 64% of Americans drink coffee and on average 3.1 cups of coffee are consumed in one day. Despite these satisfying sips of caffeine, coffee can and will cause adverse effects if you are not careful. Can Coffee Cause Decay? YES! Be aware if you have a sweet tooth. Excess sugar in your coffee has […]

Braces Crash Course- Everything You Need To Know:

Before you commit to braces, make sure you are ready! Below are some tips to keep in mind during your braces journey. 1. Prepare Yourself Mentally Braces are a commitment that need to be taken seriously. Talk to your dentist about what to expect. Once the brackets are on, what you do next will determine […]

Flossing Has Many Health Benefits You Don’t Know About

Flossing Has Many Health Benefits You Don't Know About

Most people know how important it is to brush your teeth, but a lot of people don’t bother with flossing. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are a lot of health benefits to flossing your teeth. Brushing vs. Flossing Brushing cleans the surface of your teeth. You need to floss in order to […]

Yes… You Need To Wear Your Retainer After Braces!

What Is an Essix Retainer? Retainers are dental aftercare products typically worn after braces or tooth alignment treatments. They are custom made to the patient so the appliance fits their bite perfectly. Materials such as plastic or acrylic are used to give your retainer a translucent barely there appearance. Why you should Wear Your Retainer? […]

Tooth Loss – think again: the truth about grinding

teeth grinding

Many of us grind our teeth without even realizing it until it is too late. By this time patients have severe wear and tear on their teeth. An example of long-term effects of grinding is presented below from one of our patients. You can see that the teeth have turned into small stumps giving an […]

It’s all about the presentation! Naturally brightening your smile…

brighten your smile

Oral hygiene and the appearance of our teeth leaves a lasting impression. So doing everything possible to improve our oral health is critical to creating a favorable impression! Fortunately, nature has provided us with solutions to keep the enamel of our teeth healthy and stain-free. You are what you eat! Starbuck’s is NOT your friend… […]

Do you need a crown after root canal?

root canal and crown

Many patients wonder why a crown is necessary after getting a root canal. Why can’t dentists just put a filling in? It’s so much cheaper… What is a root canal procedure and why is it needed? When a cavity in a tooth is left untreated, it enlarges and eventually reaches a nerve inside. The nerve […]

Brushing and Flossing: The Ultimate Dream Team

Think of brushing and flossing as the Tampa Bay Lightning’s championship winning offense and defense. Your toothbrush and floss are same! Flossing is the defense that skillfully takes plaque out and brushing is the offense that moves plaque away to take the lead in scoring the winning goal of oral hygiene. Individually, brushing and flossing […]

Happy Tooth-day! Let’s talk about Teeth Whitening.

It is a known fact that one of the first things people see when you look at them is your smile, and that smile can help you more than you think. Some studies suggest that your smile is indicative of how successful you will be in your professional career; if people see a healthy smile […]