Dental Emergencies during COVID-19: Survival Guide

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Dr. Marina Shurova, DDS DISCLAIMER: The content in this article should not be considered a medical advice. Self-diagnosing can be dangerous and leads to serious health consequences. Please contact your dentist for evaluation. Dental Emergencies during COVID-19: Survival Guide It is a known fact that the mouth is the gate to your overall health. Research […]

Implant Overdenture: “It’s a SNAP”!

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First impressions are lasting impressions! Did you know that 40% of first impressions are based on appearance alone? THAT’S HUGE! The effect of visible decayed, broken or missing teeth is clearly devastating.  BEFORE AFTER The embarrassment alone directly affects self-esteem, which ultimately impacts public interaction, personal relationships and even career choices.  Fortunately there is a […]