Plaque is a sticky film that will cause tooth decay and disease without removal. The best way to prevent plaque buildup has been debated for years. Some people are team electric while others are team manual…

The Pros of Electric Toothbrushes:

The Cons of Electric Toothbrushes:

  • The initial investment is greater than the manual competitor. The price range varies depending on the quality and brand. The replacement brush tip is another cost you need to keep in mind.
  • The packaging can be bulky and hard to travel with. Depending on the type, some electric toothbrushes plug in to charge or run off batteries. This feature can make the toothbrush a little more harder to pack and use on the go.

The Pros of Manual Toothbrushes:

The Cons of Manual Toothbrushes:

  • People are prone to brushing too aggressive with manual toothbrushes. Excessive pressure can damage your gums and teeth.
  • Some manual toothbrushes do not have soft bristles.

Prior to buying a toothbrush, make sure to find one that best matches your dental needs. At the end of the day, poor oral health is prevented by brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing frequently – any soft bristled toothbrush used in circular motions will get the job done!

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