Most often, you need a filling when you have a cavity. After your dentist removes the cavity or decayed portion of your tooth, the dental filling will be placed to fill and seal the area and to prevent further damage.

You may also receive fillings to repair cracked or worn down teeth. We craft fillings that blend in naturally with your teeth so your smile stays healthy and attractive.

If left untreated the tooth decay can cause serious damages. Your dentist can design a treatment plan so root canals or even tooth extractions are never needed.

Visible signs you need a tooth filling:

Sometimes there are visible signs you need a filling.

Some of them are:

And if the damage is too severe?

If the damage is severe enough, you may need a root canal and a cap, but that is a different dental procedure.

In these cases, the overall structural integrity of the tooth may have been compromised, possibly significantly so, and to the point where it is at risk of fracture.

If larger amounts of the tooth are missing, the tooth is typically in need of reinforcement.

Don’t overlook that prevention is really the key.

How to prevent tooth decay?

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