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The Pitfalls of Coffee.

Societies infatuation with Caffeine has skyrocketed, 64% of the United States population consumes a minimum of one cup a day. In the brewing process of coffee, nine acids contribute to its flavor pallet. This acidity is measured on the pH scale, a 7.0 is used to indicate neutrality, if below 7.0 indicate as more acidic and numbers above are less, the average pH of Black coffee is averaged at 5. This demonstrates how acidic and damaging it is to our tooth enamel. Likewise consuming coffee causes the creation of an environment that is conducive to bacteria growth.

Black Coffee is the Safest Route.

A plain Americano is not only rich in antioxidants, contains high levels of vitamin B2, but it also suits a KETO diet. Black coffee has proven in a study, posted in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, to aid in the prevention of Dental Caries. Caries are essentially cavities and best known as tooth decay, all caused by the break down of tooth enamel.

Seek alternatives for Creamer.

Tooth enamel contains tiny microscopic ridges that allow for drinks and foods to cling on and cause discoloration. It is often the belief that by consuming lighter shaded beverages one can avoid the risk of yellowing. While dairy is known to strengthen teeth and make the enamel stronger, the risk of teeth staining is always present. The consumption of milk is vital growing up, but it remains important to care of our dental hygiene.

No Syrups!

As Pumpkin Spice season begins, it is a sad but true fact that flavored syrups are damaging to teeth. These flavored additives in caffeinated drinks cause the growth of harmful bacteria within the mouth. When bacteria consume sugar it produces an acid waste, the acid then attacks the tooth enamel resulting in its decalcification. With heavy encouragement you should brush your teeth 30 minutes after consuming an acidic meal to prevent cavities.

Espresso Fuels the Soul.

The need for caffeine in such a highly driven society is extreme. The consumption of caffeinated beverages causes the decay of tooth enamel over time. In order to maintain better hygiene, it’s recommended to consume beverages with a straw rather then sip lids. Through the use of a straw we minimize the liquids contact with the teeth and avoid the consecutive exposure. Espresso shots are another substitute, the energy boost is quickly occurring and will keep one active through out their day.

Enjoy your Caffeine but don’t neglect your dental hygiene!

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